Best Heavy Metal Magazines

heavymetalReading up on news, reviews and interviews etc. is of as much interest as heavy metal fans as it is to any other interest group. So which are the best heavy metal magazines out there for fans to check out? As is the case across pretty much all interest areas, a lot of heavy metal magazines have folded in the past few years or gone exclusively on line. And while reading online can be convenient, there is sometimes nothing quite like flicking through an actual magazine and there are still some left out there for those occasions.


Despite being relatively new on the market, Decibel has done a good job of carving out a position as the UK’s leading extreme music magazine. The team of journalists that has been put together is of great credit to Editor Albert Mudrian and articles are well written and researched. As well as covering the current scene, Decibel does some very interesting historic articles and their Hall of Fame series of articles is always one to look forward to. The magazine strikes a balance between its coverage of bands which are releasing albums and touring at present and up and coming talent, as well as the nod to the past. Obviously the magazine makes its advertising revenue through coverage of bands with music and concerts to sell but it does not allow itself to cross the line towards compromising the overall quality to do so.

Metal Hammer

Although it is clearly subjective to a large degree we would say that Metal Hammer is the best of the UK’s metal magazines. It is a big, glossy magazine and although this may seem very luxurious and conformist for a heavy metal magazine, it does allow for great big photographs and a nice layout. The magazine combines reviews and interviews with coverage of new talent and good regular columnists.


Terroriser is a magazine widely available in the UK that is more specialised in the extremer end of heavy metal and the underground music scene. It is as a result more niche than Metal Hammer but for such a niche publication it can be found in most book stores and newsagents with a good magazine selection. The writing is good and standard of photography high and it covers its specialist area with some quality.